David Bohm on Proprioception of Thought


The word proprioception means a kind of self-perception. The word is derived from ‘proprio’ and ‘ception’. Proprio comes from Latin ‘proprius’, meaning ‘one’s own’. So proprioception means an awareness or perception of oneself. In the case of the body proprioception means the awareness of one’s own body. But we will also use it in a psychological sense to mean the awareness of one’s own thoughts and the awareness of one’s own felts.

Proprioception is to be aware of every movement. Not only physical movements of the body but also the movements of thought. Emotions are movements as well. So, there could be proprioception of emotions also.

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Clarity on the Paleolithic Diet


Medical herbalist Todd Caldecott released an article today titled What is Paleo-Ayurveda? This article provides a concise overview of the paleolithic diet along with deeper considerations for when it is and is not appropriate.  From the article:

According to its proponents, the Paleolithic diet should be good for everyone. After all, it is what we all used to eat, right? But very clearly, as I have seen in my practice, the Paleolithic diet doesn’t work for everyone, and can produce some major problems. But for what seems to be an irreconcilable contradiction among the paleo-proponents, because I also utilize a system like Āyurveda, I can see exactly how the Paleolithic diet causes problems. Stepping out of the paleo-paradigm allows me to see it more clearly, and this is useful: not only because it can inform how to modulate the diet in certain cases, but also because it provides guidance as to when this diet might be contraindicated.

Antidepressants plus Blood thinners for Brain Cancer


Preliminary animal-model (mice) research has found significant benefit to the combination of antidepressants with anticoagulant drugs for the treatment of gliomas (tumors that occur in the glial cells).  Gliomas make up the majority of malignant brain tumors.

This treatment did not cure the mice but it doubled their life-span as compared to the non-treated group.  But what is particularly promising about this combination of drugs is that it’s affordable and much less toxic than other alternatives.

You can read more in the research article: Dual Targeting of the Autophagic Regulatory Circuitry in Gliomas with Repurposed Drugs Elicits Cell-Lethal Autophagy and Therapeutic Benefit

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