More Support for Probiotics

From the discussion of the study mentioned in the above article:

Our meta-analysis suggests consuming probiotics appears to be beneficial by decreasing some inflammatory cytokines and biomarkers that may play a role in the development of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Insulin Resistance, not Cholesterol, Cause of Heart Disease

This proposal about insulin resistance being at the cause of cardiovascular disease is not new. Dr. Reaven’s book “Syndrome X” proposed this issue years ago and the traditional systems of health have long promoted the eating of fats and a healthy balance with carbohydrates. Regardless, it’s good to see researching continuing on this subject.

A Sadly Beautiful Quote

“Commercial interests, reporting bias, secrecy, ethically dubious studies and inertia are the ingredients of contemporary research and publication practices.”

Concerning Censorship of Medical Doctors Offering Nutritional Advice

Preventing a medical doctor from speaking on the subject of nutrition to their patients is a very strange thing. If the food we eat is the cornerstone of our health, how can a doctor help patients to regain health if they are not allowed to talk about food?