New Study Does Finds No Relationship Between Vitamin D Status and Coronary Artery Disease

We have posted a lot of studies about the positive benefits of Vitamin D, but we of course need to balance that with research where a benefit is not found.  We were surprised to see this important new study not finding a benefit:

VITAL Study Will Help to Clarify Vitamin D and Omega 3 Research

The VITAL Study is an ongoing research study in 25,874 men and women ages 50 and up in the U.S. The goal of the study is to determine whether vitamin D supplementation of 2000 IU daily or omega 3 fatty acids reduces the risk for developing cancer, heart disease and stroke in healthy adults. The study will end in 2018, totaling a five year duration. This study will provide enormous insights regarding the benefits of vitamin D and omega 3 supplementation. In this episode, Dr. John Cannell discusses the VITAL Study and its potential clinical implications with Dr. Joann Manson.

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