Dr. Bernstein and Diabetes


We have a thread on our forums about Dr. Berstein as he has helped to pioneer coherent diabetes treatment despite facing decades of resistance from the mainstream of medicine.

Anyone with diabetes or blood sugar issues would be greatly benefitted by obtaining Dr. Berstein’s book Diabetes Solution as well as looking at his other books.

The essence of Dr. Berstein’s approach is a high fat, low-carbohydrate diet along with other, non-dietary measures that help to improve outcomes.  This may not sound like a radical proposal but when viewed in the context of both the history of medicine’s approach to diabetes, and even the current day mainstream approach, it is revolutionary.

My philosophy is that diabetics are entitled to the same blood sugar as the non-diabetics. This is exactly the opposite of the policy of the American Diabetes Association. I have related philosophy that to get normal blood sugars you have to do certain things. And one of the key things is a very low-carbohydrate diet. Because nothing else works. I’ve tried it all. I’ve had 64 years of diabetes.

I got my first meter in 1969, so I’ve had plenty of time to experiment and see what works. There’s no way the ADA diet or any high-carbohydrate and low-fat diet enable you to control blood sugars.

It turns out that the kind of diet I recommend is essentially a paleolithic diet – what humanity evolved on. Our ancestors did not have bread, wheat, sweet fruits, and all of the delicious things that we have today. These have been specially manufactured. Our ancestors had a paucity of roots, some leafs, and principally meat to eat. If they lived near the shore, they had fish.

My dietary recommendations boil down to what our ancestors ate. The American Diabetes Association repeatedly says that while low-carbohydrate diets may work, it’s an experiment and we haven’t enough years of trial of these diets to see if they do any harm. But the ADA diet is an experiment. It was never based on any history. In fact, it is the cause of the epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Whereas the original diet, the paleolithic diet, has been tested for tens of thousands of years. And it’s only when you deviate from it that you end up where we are now. — Dr. Bernstein