Sugar Consumption linked to Fatty Liver Disease


A recently published study in the Journal of Hepatology has found a link between sugar consumption (in the form of sugar-sweetened beverage) and fatty liver disease.  The same link was not found with diet-soda.

From the study:

In conclusion, we observed that regular sugar-sweetened beverage consumption was associated with greater risk of fatty liver disease, particularly in overweight and obese individuals, whereas diet soda intake was not associated with measures of fatty liver disease.

See:  Ma, J; Fox, CS; Jacques, PF; Speliotes, EK; Hoffmann, U; Smith, CE; Saltzman, E; and McKeown, NM. Sugar-Sweetened Beverage, Diet Soda, and Fatty Liver Disease in the Framingham Study Cohorts. Journal of Hepatology, June 2015 DOI: 10.1016/j.jhep.2015.03.032

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