Jamu: Indonesia’s Ancient System of Health and Lifestyle


I by chance encountered a Time Magazine article today titled Jamu: Why Isn’t Indonesia’s Ancient System of Herbal Healing Better Known?  This is the first time I heard of Jamu.

The Wikipedia article on Jamu is not very long but does provide a concise overview. From the Wikipedia article:

It [Jamu] is claimed to have originated in the Mataram Kingdom some 1300 years ago. Though heavily influenced by Ayurveda from India, Indonesia is a vast archipelago with numerous indigenous plants not found in India, and include plants similar to Australia beyond the Wallace Line. Jamu may vary from region to region, and often not written down, especially in remote areas of the country.

We started a discussion thread on Jamu on our Ecoja discussion forums.  Please feel free to comment if you have more information about this system of health.

A short video on Jamu herbal beverages is displayed below: