Antidepressants plus Blood thinners for Brain Cancer


Preliminary animal-model (mice) research has found significant benefit to the combination of antidepressants with anticoagulant drugs for the treatment of gliomas (tumors that occur in the glial cells).  Gliomas make up the majority of malignant brain tumors.

This treatment did not cure the mice but it doubled their life-span as compared to the non-treated group.  But what is particularly promising about this combination of drugs is that it’s affordable and much less toxic than other alternatives.

You can read more in the research article: Dual Targeting of the Autophagic Regulatory Circuitry in Gliomas with Repurposed Drugs Elicits Cell-Lethal Autophagy and Therapeutic Benefit

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Memory Has No Joy


When you see a beautiful thing, there is immediate joy; you see a sunset and there is an immediate reaction of joy. That joy, a few moments later, becomes a memory. That memory of the joy, is it a living thing? Is the memory of the sunset a living thing? No, it is a dead thing. So, with that dead imprint of a sunset, through that, you want to find joy. Memory has no joy; it is only the remembrance of something which created the joy. Memory in itself has no joy. There is joy, the immediate reaction to the beauty of a tree; and then memory comes in and destroys that joy. So, if there is a constant perception of beauty without the accumulation of memories, then there is the possibility of joy everlasting.

– Jiddu Krishnamurti

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