Featured: Herbalist David Hoffmann


The Company Traditional Medicinals has a nice write up on David Hoffmann titled Plant People: Medical Herbalist David Hoffmann.  David is a well known and wonderful herbalist and you would do well to read any of his work.

Phytotherapy is a thriving medical modality that uses whole plants to treat whole people, facilitating the healing process within the framework of holistic medicine. It is both an art and a science. With its roots in the past, it is still relevant and meaningful in the present, offering great potential contributions to modern medicine.

Herbalism has a scope of uses as wide as any form of medicine, as herbs may be used for any condition that is medically treatable. This statement is not meant to imply that herbs are a panacea for the ills of humanity! However, the ecological integration of plant activity with human physiology offers the potential for facilitating the healing process at any time in any situation. – David Hoffman