Insulin Resistance, not Cholesterol, Cause of Heart Disease

This proposal about insulin resistance being at the cause of cardiovascular disease is not new. Dr. Reaven’s book “Syndrome X” proposed this issue years ago and the traditional systems of health have long promoted the eating of fats and a healthy balance with carbohydrates. Regardless, it’s good to see researching continuing on this subject.

Matthew Wood’s New Book The Earthwise Herbal Repertory


I’m a bit late to announce this book that came out in November of 2016.  I own 6 of his 8 excellent books and while his approach is different than mine and from most of the herbalists I study (in that he utilizes homeopathy) it’s this very difference that I find valuable.

Internationally known herbalist Matthew Wood takes the guesswork out of the application of medicinal plants and provides an invaluable cross-reference of constitutional types, energetic categories, and specific symptoms that helps the herbalist narrow down the number of possible remedies for a specific condition. Unlike many reference books in which medicinal plants are defined simply by condition or disease name, this book contains tools to differentiate between remedies and analyze each case in a holistic fashion. While this system of cross-referencing is well known to homeopaths, it is less frequently used by herbalists; The Earthwise Herbal Repertory seeks to bridge the gap between different systems, incorporating knowledge from ancient Greek and traditional Native American medicine, nineteenth-century botanical medicine, homeopathy, and modern biomedical research. This definitive repertory proves useful for homeopaths and herbalists, professionals and home practitioners alike.