About Us

Ecoja serves the following purposes:

  • To host the most comprehensive internet forums on the traditional systems of health and lifestyle.
  • To promote content from the community of esteemed herbalists and healers and others who are making important contributions to the field of health and well being.
  • To highlight and incorporate scientific findings about traditional medicine, as well as important discoveries from modern medicine.
  • To provide information relevant to herbalists and those with an interest in herbology, psychology, and spirituality.
  • To explore a multitude of views on mind and psychology, both ancient and modern.
  • To explore spirituality and the pursuit of happiness.

Ecoja was founded by:

Herbalist Matthew Capowski: Visit personal website.

“I created Ecoja to organize and share my own learnings as I pursue becoming a herbalist.  I also thought it would be great to have as single place that aggregates posts from the many people doing wonderful work out there.  It is my hope that people will join the forum and challenge and improve upon the content contained there-within.” – Matthew Capowski (2015)