Ecoja Guide to Restoring Digestive Health

Table of Contents


-Traditional Western Treatments

-What is the digestive system (i.e., history of our understanding)

-Probiotics and prebiotics


-Herbal Formulas (e.g., Hingwashtak Churna)

-Digestion and sleep

-Recommend materials (e.g., Todd’s book Food as Medicine)

-Digestion and times of day (Ayurveda, Circadian, digestive strength)

-Leaky gut (todd and paul’s work)

-Food allergies (Paul Bergner)

-Lymphatic system involvement

-Connection between nervous system and digestive health

-French study, why French people eat fat but don’t gain weight, eating slowly, relaxed

-cover different diets and their (in)appropriateness

-causes of poor digestion (include Todd’s conclusion on the history of Ayurveda that the move to modern diet, also here the insights of Weston Price, also environmental chemicals including hormones, antiobiotics, glysophates, GMOs, pesticides, fertilizer

-something about the mineral content of food with quoted facts.