Two Food as Medicine Recipes


On Todd Caldecott’s blog Food as Medicine two recipes from his book Food as Medicine have recently been shared.

The first recipe is for Mexican Chicken Stew and the second is for Braised Persian Lamb Shanks.  I’ve personally made the first recipe and can fully recommend it (I couldn’t find all of peppers unfortunately).

This is an important time to be eating stewed and nourishing foods, so for those of you who don’t have Todd’s excellent book do check out this blog.

New Articles from Todd Caldecott

Todd Caldecott
Todd Caldecott

Todd Caldecott, a well known multi-disciplinary herbalist, has a newsletter that you can subscribe to for updates and articles.  To subscribe visit his website and you will see a place to enter your name and email for his newsletter (upper right hand corner).  His most recent newsletter pointed out the following new articles:

Is drinking from copper healthy?

Treatment of sarcoptic mange

Some musings on meal times

And Todd has also started a series at Elephant Journal:

The Buddhist Ayurvedic Tradition Hidden in Nepal.

Please note you can find an entry about Todd on our List of Herbalists to Learn From as well as in our forums.

The Inertia and Congestion of Spring

Todd Caldecott has written an article about spring time and its implication for health and lifestyle: Spring can really hang you up

But if we want the high level perspective, we need to remember that spring is naturally a time of inertia and congestion. In Āyurveda, spring in northern temperate regions is associated with an increase in kapha, the aspect of the body that relates to its nourishment and structure, expressing the qualities of heavy, wet, stable, greasy, and cold.


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